*Use in protective work to avoid concrete wall or road crack
*Making groove to introduce protect
matter in small crack

*Used in granite cutting with fast speed and
longer lifetime which lead to the cost saving.

ARIX - Speed Plus

*Used in repairing of concrete road wall
*Also can be used in the wall remove and
olumn cutting

LASER - Wall Saw

*Used in high strength reinforced concrete
cutting, especially for the harder objects.
*Cutting depth 100~150mm

LASER - Ring Saw

Laser - Hand-held Saw

*Used in making groove in wall surface to avoid

Crack Chaser - General shape

Crack Chaser -V-shape

*Diamond array increase the sharpness
and lifetime

*Designed for excellent quick start cutting
concrete and for easy chips coming out

LASER - Max Wave 

LASER - Corrugated

* Unique design for immediate optimum
cuts for hard materials such as reinforced
concrete and quartzite



*Used in cutting of floor tile, panel and
boundary stone

Cutter - Super Thiner

*Used in wet cutting of stone or concrete with
fast speed

Cutter - GP

*Applied to hand-held saw with good sharpness
and discharge;
* Strengthen shank to avoid out of shape
during work.

Cutter - Tile Cutter

Cutter - Protective Type

*Used in cutve cut or granite sink
*T-shape segment protec both shank sides


*Environment-friendly technology(no dust/
no vibration/no noise)
*Destructive work for concrete building 
*Easy taking out after drilling

CD- Concrete

* Drilling for granite, marble and other stone

CD - Stone

*Drilling for tile, glass, stone and other

CD - Brazed

CD - Assembly Type

* Effective length is adjustable
* Cost down for replacable bit

*Drilling various of materials from heavy
reinforced concrete to asphalt


CD- Wet Type

CD- Dry Type

*Change shank shape for discharge
and heat radiation
*Excellent sharpness and life


CUP Grinding Wheel

*Surface grinding before panel ending
*Granite/marble grinding 
*Products with different mesh in different

CUP - Metal and Resin

*Used in the smooth finishing and shaping
of granite

CUP - Single Row

* Designed for efficient grinding and
champering of concret materials.


CUP - Astra Type

*Designed specially for fast deburring of
concrete materials
*Double Row segments for longer lifetime

CUP - Double Row

CUP - Resin

CUP - Storm Type

*Designed for rough deburring, curve
grinding and finishing of concrete materials

*Surface grinding before panel ending
*Granite/marble grinding 
*Products with different mesh in different

Wire Saw

*Fast cutting with high work efficiency
*Operate in complex and limited space

*Low noise, fast de-dust and low vibration

*Cutting surface clean and smooth, without
damage in structure

CDW - Wet tpye


*Used in cutting of stone, wall, steel bar, steel tube, PVC tube, tree and fiberboard. 

Brazed - Lifesaving

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